Installing Skyline


Skyline works with GPU-based neural networks that are implemented in PyTorch. To run Skyline, you need:

  • A system equipped with an NVIDIA GPU
  • PyTorch 1.1.0+
  • Python 3.6+

Note that Skyline only supports profiling models that are trained using a GPU.

Skyline consists of two components: (i) the Skyline profiler, and (ii) a plugin for Atom. The Skyline profiler has only been tested on Ubuntu 18.04, but should also work on other versions of Ubuntu that have Python 3.6+. The Skyline plugin has been tested on both Ubuntu 18.04 and macOS Mojave (10.14) with the latest version of Atom.


For interactive profiling (i.e. Skyline inside Atom), you need both components. If you only plan to use Skyline for Standalone Profiling, you only need the Skyline profiler component.

Skyline Profiler

The Skyline profiler can be installed using pip. In your shell, run:

pip install skyline-cli

As with most Python packages, we recommend installing Skyline inside a virtualenv. After installing the Skyline profiler, you will be able to invoke it by running skyline in your shell.

Skyline Atom Plugin

The Skyline Atom plugin can be installed using apm (the Atom package manager), which should be automatically installed after you install Atom. In your shell, run:

apm install skyline

You can alternatively install Skyline by using Atom's preferences pane and searching for skyline under the Install section.

After installing the Skyline plugin, the Skyline:Toggle command should be available in your command palette. A Skyline sub-menu should also appear under the "Packages" menu.